CCA Advocacy Committee Meeting

On Monday, July 12th we will have a CCA Advocacy Committee meeting. Our CCA Advocacy Committee Meeting eNewsletter with agenda is sent out on the Sunday before a Monday morning meeting.

July 12th CCA eNewsletter – CLICK HERE

At the CCA Advocacy Committee meeting we will:

  1. Have preliminary discussion of issues/bills for next session
  2. Explore next steps for COVID relief/stimulus funds
  3. We will be reviewing our planning group teams and subgroups. Please review the files below and look for your name. We need to see who will continue with the subcommittees and add new volunteers.

We really need to get more volunteers to be active in these committees and work on issues important to older adults and their families. CCA only has as much bandwidth as we have volunteers.

CCA Advocacy Planning Sub-Groups as of 7-8-2021 – CLICK HERE

CCA Planning Group Teams as of 7-10-2021 – CLICK HERE