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CCA Advocacy Committee Meeting (ACM)

Let your voice be heard. Become a member, review our newsletters which will cover the upcoming topics for the next meeting, and then come prepared to discuss the key legislative topics for that week. During the legislative session, we meet every Monday from 9:30AM -11:00AM via Zoom. The rest of the year we meet bi-monthly.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but only members can vote.

Welcome to the 2024 Legislative Session!

CCA Board members Jeanette Hensley and Rich Mauro will again co-chair CCA’s Advocacy Committee meetings. The 2024 session will be very busy with important legislation.

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Meeting Overview

While the legislature is in session, Colorado Center for Aging holds weekly meetings to review legislation looking for those bills that impact seniors. This group is called the CCA Advocacy Committee.

From these bills, the group selects those that have the greatest potential impact on seniors for weekly discussion. The result is that the Colorado Center for Aging members will either support or oppose proposed legislation depending on its impact.

General Public and Organizations

Anyone is welcome to attend, but only members can vote on supporting or opposing proposed legislation. If there is uncertainty about legislation, then the group will monitor the proposed legislation. As the bill proceeds through the process it is frequently amended. This may result in the Colorado Center for Aging changing its position in regard to the bill.

We occasionally have speakers come in and present on specific issues. When possible we try to have two organizations attending a single meeting that have opposing views on an issue to give both points of view.

Organizations may attend and present on a bill that they want us to support during the next legislative session. Following such presentations, the attendees who are members can then vote on whether to support, oppose, or monitor a certain bill.

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