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Volunteer with Colorado Center for Aging

Colorado Center on Aging recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and experiences and fosters a work environment reflective of the community at large. Volunteers are critical to achieving CCA’s mission of educating people to become engaged citizens. Training is provided by CCA members and volunteers.

Volunteer Roles at CCA


Education and Training Roles

Our members bring all levels of knowledge from beginner to experienced regarding citizen engagement.

  • Law Making Processes: driven by the CCA Advocacy Committee Meetings and can lead to sub-committees and individual tasks and research. Some efforts may involve communicating with public officials.
  • Advocacy Training: CCA conducts free public training sessions on how the legislative process functions and effective ways for citizens to be engaged. Volunteers are tapped to promote the training sessions and assist with their delivery.

Skills: Strong interpersonal and communications skills including tact, patience, and courtesy.
Conveying information and ideas clearly and concisely to individuals or groups in an engaging manner; listening actively to others.

Special Event Roles

Colorado Center for Aging offers special events to educate citizens, legislators and community stakeholders about issues affecting older Coloradans. Volunteers assist with program development, promotion, implementation and evaluation of these events.

  • Older Coloradans Week: a joint effort between CCA and other community organizations to inform and educate Public Officials on issues impacting older Coloradans.
  • A Capitol Affair: held on one of the days during Older Coloradans Week to highlight CCA efforts and connect constituents with legislators.
  • Interactive Webinars with Community Stakeholders and Public Officials: opportunities for Coloradans to interact with legislators and community professionals on a variety of topics.

Tasks: Planning, recruitment, marketing. Engage in cross-organization efforts, connecting project work to the broader mission and network.

Organizational Wellbeing Roles

Colorado Center for Aging taps volunteers to help with efforts that sustain and strengthen the organization.

  • Membership Growth: a concerted effort by a committee of volunteers focused on designing and delivering strategies for attracting new members.
  • Fundraising: identifying opportunities and grants for funding and assisting with outreach and applications to funding sources.
  • Event Sponsorships: developed for special events and distributed by members and volunteers to their contacts and community networks.

Tasks: Engage in cross-organizational efforts, positively representing the mission of CCA
Skills: Community engagement, effective communication

Building Relationships Roles

It takes many voices to collectively implement changes and improvements throughout our communities. Networking with other stakeholders serves as a bridge to developing long-term relationships with mutual benefits.

  • Community Collaborations: develop new and sustain existing relationships with organizations that value education and citizen engagement.
  • Virtual Network: with the goal of expanding CCA to statewide representation of local individuals and groups engaged in cross-organizational efforts with CCA.

Skills: Leveraging relationships within and across work groups.

Promotion Roles

Effective and timely communication is important for keeping people informed about the work we’re doing on behalf of older Coloradans.

  • Website, Newsletter, Social Media: Provide feedback and suggestions for the content of CCA’s media platforms.

Advocacy Roles

In order for Colorado Center for Aging to accomplish its mission, our members and volunteers speak up for and represent older Coloradans on issues affecting public policy and ageism.

  • Legislative Committee Meetings: held throughout the year, members who attend these meetings address public policy and legislative issues that affect older Coloradans and prioritize which issues Colorado Center for Aging should become involved with.
  • Capitol Gang: a committee of volunteers who spend time at the Capitol during the General Assembly following legislation, interacting with legislators, attending committee hearings and providing testimony.
  • Strategic Networking: building relationships with community organizations by attending meetings and making presentations.
  • Research on Issues Relevant to Older Coloradans: performed by individual volunteers with an interest and/or expertise in a range of topics related to public policy and legislation.

Tasks: Research, networking, attending LCM meetings, meet with legislators.
Skills: Provide research and analysis skills to compile data from stakeholders and partners.

Organizational Support Roles

As an all-volunteer organization, we rely on our members’ unique skills and talents to support the fundamental operations of Colorado Center for Aging.

  • Onboarding New and Renewing Members: a system for tracking, welcoming and thanking new and renewing members.
  • Database Support: for organizing and delivering special events and projects.
  • Designing Surveys and Compiling Survey Results: to capture important input from members and community stakeholders on issues and special events.

Skills: Accountability and accuracy