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Colorado Center for Aging (CCA) pays for an annual subscription with Colorado Capitol Watch. This service gives CCA a bill feed for Colorado bills that we are tracking in the Colorado legislature.

Generally, the Monday morning, CCA Advocacy Committee will discuss a bill and decide whether to keep it on our list for consideration of a position at the next meeting. Remember, you must be a Member of the Colorado Center for Aging to vote on bills. The bills will be considered for a position of Support, Strongly Support, Oppose, Amend, or Monitor. The committee also may take a position of Support with Amendments or Oppose with Amendments.

Here is a link to our CCA HOT Bill Report:
The CCA HOT Bill List helps us focus on the most important bills we are tracking and advocating on. We need more people watching and advocating on “Hot Bills.”

Here is a link to the CCA Main Bill List:
This is the list of all bills that we are monitoring because they impact older adults in some way.

Here is a link to the CCA Bills Lost:

Here is a link to the CCA Bills Past/Signed:

Attend a Monday morning CCA Advocacy Committee Meeting:

About Colorado Capitol Watch
Colorado Capitol Watch is a subsidiary of State Capital Watch, LLC. They are a non partisan enterprise dedicated to open, transparent government. They have designed a website that ensures ease of access to the state’s legislative record.