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We are sharing the Purpose & A Paycheck Webinar from January 27, 2021

Chris Farrell’s webinar on 1/27 was well attended by nearly 70 people. He fielded several great questions in a 90-minute discussion centered around his latest book: “Purpose and a Paycheck”. The book represents what Chris learned in the course of interviewing and collecting anecdotes and research from a variety of people; melding all that together to tell the story of reframing aging for the 50+ crowd to meet them where they are. And where they are is saying goodbye to traditional retirement at 65; working longer, starting new businesses, contributing to society, finding new ways to add meaning to life and maybe earning some money along the way. Over 25% of new business ventures are being started by people in the 50-64 demographic.

Chris calls this the second half of life—an opportunity to try new things without the pressures that go along with raising a family with little wiggle room for experimentation and failure; to imagine new ways of being in the work force, with flexible schedules, more job sharing, lifelong learning opportunities, reshaping our experiences into new experiences, and putting skills learned over a career to work in new ways.

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