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Colorado Center for Aging (CCA) pays for an annual subscription with Colorado Capitol Watch. This service gives CCA a bill feed for Colorado bills that we are tracking in the Colorado legislature.

Generally, the Monday morning, CCA Advocacy Committee will discuss a bill and decide whether to keep it on our list for consideration of a position at the next meeting. Remember, you must be a Member of the Colorado Center for Aging to vote on bills. The bills will be considered for a position of Support, Strongly Support, Oppose, Amend, or Monitor. The committee also may take a position of Support with Amendments or Oppose with Amendments.

Here is a link to the CCA Main Bill List:
This is the list of all bills that we are monitoring because they impact older adults in some way.

About Colorado Capitol Watch
Colorado Capitol Watch is a subsidiary of State Capital Watch, LLC. They are a non partisan enterprise dedicated to open, transparent government. They have designed a website that ensures ease of access to the state’s legislative record.