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The Colorado Center for Aging (CCA) is the leading statewide, nonpartisan voice for older Coloradans with policymakers on the full range of issues that affect older adults in this state. One of the most important ways we do this is through engaging volunteers to assist us in raising the voices of older Coloradans in those places where decisions about our lives are being made.

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And one of the most important places where those decisions are made is Colorado state government. Each legislative session – with input from our volunteers and our members – we communicate with elected and administrative policymakers about the effect of policy proposals on older Coloradans. This includes taking positions on legislation and communicating those positions.

We work to keep our members informed about proposals and legislation and offer opportunities for them to elevate their voices. We also collaborate with other organizations that promote improved conditions for older Coloradans. These efforts all are coordinated to show policymakers the real life effects of their actions.

In addition to weekly meetings during the legislative session, CCA provides multiple opportunities for older Coloradans throughout the state to raise their voices. When legislators and other policymakers hear directly from their constituents – individually and collectively – they feel the power of older Coloradans and make changes to laws and programs to benefit this population that is the fastest growing segment in the state.

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